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Re: Altair 8800 on eBay

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  • Steve
    Todd- In the item s bid history, he says he cancelled all bids because he decided to keep the 8800 in the family. Craig- I don t have a problem with sniping at
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 30, 2006
      In the item's bid history, he says he cancelled all bids because he
      decided to keep the 8800 in the family.

      I don't have a problem with sniping at all. In fact, I am a sniper.
      If you'll simply bid what the item is worth to you, you'll either win
      it or force someone like me to pay more than what you think it's
      worth. What's the matter with that? Remember that ebay uses "proxy
      bidding", so just place one bid in the maximum amount you're willing
      to spend, then sit back and watch the show. If you want to discuss
      the merits of last minute bidding versus early bidding, I can give
      you several arguments in favor of sniping that are favorable to both
      the buyer and the seller. I doubt that you'll find many good reasons
      to bid early.

      There's an auction site called uBid.com who used to use your scheme
      in their auctions- maybe they still do. They would keep moving back
      the closing time by 15 or 20 minutes when anyone placed a bid within
      those last few minutes of the auction. I tried to buy a camera
      there, and it was the most frustrating auction experience I've ever
      had. In an auction that was supposed to end at 10PM, I watched red-
      eyed as it was extended, 15 minutes at a time, until 4AM. That was
      the last time I used uBid.


      --- In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, "Mollerup, Todd"
      <tmollerup@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I am always excited to hear that an Altair is for sale.
      Unfortunately, if I
      > am reading the link correctly, this item is no longer for sale. It
      says "The
      > seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer
      available for
      > sale."
      > Is anyone else getting the same message?
      > Todd
      > _____
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      > Subject: Re: [Altair Computer Club] Altair 8800 on eBay
      > >I just spoke to the owner of the system listed above. The computer
      > >like a really nice basic, early Altair. The chip on the processor
      card is
      > >an Intel 8080 (not a, -1, -8 or whatever.)
      > >
      > It also appears to have the original electrolytic caps on the
      > power supply. FYI, when I put together my 8800 two years ago,
      > I decided to not tempt fate and replaced all of the original
      > electrolytics in the power supply. The replacements I got
      > were the slightly smaller blue-case type instead of the
      > silver, but on the other hand my rebuilt supply is handling
      > a CPU board, four 16K static memory boards, a PROM board,
      > an SIO2, an SIOC, the dual floppy set, and a centronics
      > board just fine - all MITS boards. I also ripped out all
      > the wiring and did that from scratch since the original
      > builder appeared to use a blowtorch instead of a soldering
      > iron :-)
      > It will be interesting to see what the sniping is like on
      > the system on eBay - I don't recall an 8800 going for under
      > 2K in the past two years, no matter how few boards it
      > contained. This one looks like it has the CPU and the
      > original 256 byte board.
      > You know what I wish eBay would do to eliminate sniping?
      > Allow you to specify that the auction remains open until
      > 15 minutes after the last bid.
      > FYI, I may be putting up one of my working IMSAI's next
      > week. It has a z80 cpu, 64K RAM, floppy controller,
      > two 8 inch drives, and a DS/DD combo drive with a 3.5
      > and 5.25 drive, serial and parallel controllers. It
      > boots CP/M 2.2 and I've customized the BIOS to handle
      > DS/DD disks and use 1K sector sizes. Bunch of S/W also.
      > --
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