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RE: [Altair Computer Club] Digest Number 99

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  • Jack Rubin
    Sorry - hit the Oh sh*t button the first time I started to reply - I recently sent an Altair (no drive) to Switzerland with no problems - it was
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 8, 2004
      Sorry - hit the "Oh sh*t" button the first time I started to reply -

      I recently sent an Altair (no drive) to Switzerland with no problems -
      it was double-boxed, lots of bubble wrap, etc. I pulled the cards and
      wrapped them individually and used cable ties where I could inside the
      unit. Be careful (if it comes to international shipping) to watch
      overall package sizes - USPS is much cheaper than the express companies
      but they have relatively modest size limitations. Encourage
      international buyers to use air express. I've just sent a Heathkit
      transceiver to Italy and the buyer balked at spending an extra $75
      dollars to go air instead of surface. I made it very clear to him that I
      didn't think this was a good idea, but he took full responsibility for
      the unit once it left my hands. I don't want to think about the
      condition this unit will be in after 6 weeks of bouncing around on
      trucks and boats!

      The drive is more of a problem - I have three floppy units and all of
      them have the drive set "loose" in the enclosure. Steve Shepard says
      this was common to avoid twisting the relatively flimsy drive mechs.
      Depending on your configuration, you might want to separate drive and
      enclosure for shipping or else be sure the drive is well secured within
      the enclosure. Is there a way to lock the drive? If it has a mechanical
      lock be sure to leave a clear note on it for the new owner. Like the
      CPU, the drive and/or enclosure should be double boxed and well

      Disks shouldn't be a problem, though international shipments may face
      some heavy x-ray inspection. You can wrap them in aluminum foil for a
      bit of shielding but that may not make much difference.

      No matter how you do it, if you ship the unit anywhere it will be a
      major endeavor. Don't be shy about sharing the explanation and costs
      with the buyer! If I were buying a unit like this, I would be very
      willing to pay the (relatively) minor additional costs to ensure that I
      received everything in good condition!

      For domestic shipping, check out FedEx Ground - I've found them reliable
      and economical. You can handle all shipping details for FedEx and UPS
      online if you've got a decent scale and a tape measure.

      Good luck - and be sure to check out the online Altair emulations if you
      start to go through withdrawal symptoms once the system is sold!


      > Message: 1
      > Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 04:33:27 -0000
      > From: "stevenaleach" <stevenaleach@...>
      > Subject: shipping
      > I recently decided to sell my Altair. I would have loved to
      > get it working again but just
      > don't have the time, plus I will be moving to a smaller house
      > and need to get rid of a
      > lot of extra stuff.
      > Problem is, that although I have it listed on eBay with the
      > explicit statement that I will
      > not ship this item, buyer must pick up or make arrangements
      > for pickup, along with
      > my location, I have gotten quite a few messages asking "can
      > you ship it".
      > Any suggestions of a safe way to ship an Altair and hard
      > drive [big heavy 100 pound
      > or so hard drive!] safely?
      > The Altair itself I can see shipping, but I have horrible
      > visions of what would happen
      > to the hard drive in shipment.
      > Also including 300+ 8" floppies and not sure what would be
      > the best way to pack
      > and ship them safely?
      > I was assuming that anyone far away from NE Ohio would simply
      > not bother bidding,
      > but I've gotten one bid from Alberta Canada, and another from
      > Florida... both want it
      > shipped.
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