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Re: [Altair Computer Club] RE: RE: worth it? 8800b turnkey with drives

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  • B Degnan
    thanks all. It s nearby, so I can drive and pick up. The seller is going to include a 75 GE terminal printer and orig MITS documentation that he sent away
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 6, 2013
      thanks all. It's nearby, so I can drive and pick up.  The seller is going to include a '75 GE terminal printer and orig MITS documentation that he sent away for from MITS (he says) after he bought the computer.  The added value to me is the fact that the owner knows where it came from, who owned it since it was new.  The 2SIO was used for a modem.  I have plenty of unreliable 88-16MCS cards already, don't need more of those :-)

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      I've seen one listed on ebay for $3000 before.  I think it may have had the terminal and desk.  It also had disks.  This may have been 5 years ago.  $2000-2500 should work.

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      This computer is an early MITS 300/25. The rack mount desk makes this a MITS 300 business system. Shipping costs are an issue due to weight. The desk top and side leg can be removed to make a smaller package. A new narrow top will save space by eliminating the desk part.

      Turnkey mainframes often sell less than front panel Altairs, II think a lower price underestimates the value of the Turnkey Module. How much is having a full 64K worth? This machine will run the MITS accounting software which requires 64K

      The serial port on the Turnkey means you don't need the 2SIO for the console. The extra 2SIO adds value, Three ports total means support for console, modem, and serial printer.

      The 18-slot MB is good. What is the value of 36 card guides.

      I prefer the 3202 because the quality is better that the MITS single drive cabinets. The two MITS cabinets with this system may be more collectable.than a 3202. The lower weight of the old single drive cabinet gets more attractive the older I get,

      The 64K static board is worth much less the four 88-16MCS cards. The 64K static board is probably more reliable.

      Are the controllers the old ones with white strips or a newer revision. I'd prefer newer, but am not sure there is a $ difference.

      Shipping cost and the lack of front panel lower $ value.Three ports, 64K, prom support, controllers, and drives make this machine powerful. Getting all at once has a time saving value.

      Most MITS software runs on this machine (needs VI/RTC for timesharing).
      Most MITS diskette software is now available for this machine.

      I don't know the $ value, but the machine sounds very useful and saves a lot of time collecting separate parts.

      W.Tom S



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      How much RAM? 88-16MCS?

      What kind of drives? MITS? Single drive cabinet or 3202 dual drive?.

      What boards are included?

      W. Tom S

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      Looking for opinions...is a turnkey with 2 drives worth paying a lot for?  Anyone have an opinion of the value of something like this specifically?  No idea if it works, but it's a complete system, original owner (except glass terminal) and has been stored in-doors all of this time.  I will assume it's fixable.  I am trying to guess a fair price where seller and buyer "win win".



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