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Re: BASIC math bugs

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  • alltare
    Chuck, The colossal cave link is great. I�����ll bookmark this one, for sure. Yeah- that�����s the Adventure game I played on the Altair-
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2002
      Chuck, <br><br>The colossal cave link is great.
      I�ll bookmark this one, for sure.<br><br>Yeah- that�s
      the Adventure game I played on the Altair- �Advent�.
      It was written for CP/M and ran in about 40K, I
      think. I used hard-sectored CP/M 1.4, which loaded fine
      onto a pure MITS 8� floppy system. I have Altair CP/M
      and Advent, but have no up-and-running system to make
      copies. In fact, I have TONS of Altair software on 8� and
      5� floppy disk, and someday I must try to get it all
      onto CD ROM or some other permanent medium before �bit
      rot� sets in (if it already hasn�t). When I do get a
      system set up, I�ll be glad to share this stuff. Does
      anyone out there have a good method for saving Altair
      diskette files to a CD? (As all of the MITS software is
      pretty irreplaceable, I hesitate to loan the disks out
      to others. Sorry).<br><br>Besides the magic words
      that everyone knows, like �XYZZY�, I recall that at
      least one 4-letter word (f***) would also trigger an
      interesting reaction in Advent. Wumpus (or Hunt the Wumpus)
      was a pretty cheesy early game that couldn�t hold a
      candle to Advent. When IBM PC-DOS came along, I think
      �ZORK� was one of the first Advent-clones, but even on
      the faster PC, it was crawlingly slow. I think the
      game accessed the floppy every time you did something,
      didn�t it?<br><br>I have been watching ebay for several
      years for the Intellec 4 and Intellec 8 (8008 CPU), but
      the one you mentioned got past me. The same guy is
      also selling an ASR-33 Teletype. His $300 reserve is a
      little too much for me. I hope he gets it though. If he
      does, I�ll put my ASR-32 up for
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