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tid bits from Nov '76 'Computer Notes'

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  • c_swiger
    On page 18 is listed the computer store most all my stuff came from: ALTAIR COMPUTER CENTER (The Computer Store) Suite 5 Municipal Parking
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2000
      On page 18 is listed the computer store most all
      my stuff came from:<br><br>ALTAIR COMPUTER
      CENTER<br>(The Computer Store)<br>Suite 5<br>Municipal Parking
      Bldg.<br>Charleston, West Virginia 25301<br>(304) XXX-NNNN<br>Mr.
      Stephen Payne<br><br>Interested in hearing anyone who
      shopped there.<br><br>***<br><br>Next, on the same page
      is 'Ramblins from
      Ed<br>Roberts':<br>------------------------------------------<br>Charlatans, Rip-Off Artists and Other
      Crooks<br><br><snip><br><br>2. S-100 Bus - There is now an active<br>attempt by
      a small group to steal <br>the Altair bus. They are
      attempting<br>to do this by changing the name so<br>that they will
      not have to give<br>recognition to MITS for its
      pioneer-<br>ing efforts in the small computer<br>field. It is
      clear that the Altair<br>bus is well established and
      the<br>changing of the name to S-100 does<br>not clarify or
      improve any situation<br>for the user. It only helps
      the<br>advertising copy of our competitors.<br><br>The Altair bus
      was designed at<br>least a year prior to the
      appearance<br>of any of these competitors. The<br>correct name for
      the Altair bus is<br>simply the Altair bus, it is not
      the<br>Altair/IMSAI or the Altair/Polymor-<br>phic or the S-100, etc.
      You help <br>in stopping this sham will
      be<br>appreciated, I hope you will identify<br>the use of any name
      other than the<br>Altair bus for what it
      is.<br>---------------------------------------<br><br><br>A shame Ed didn't realize how cutthroat<br>this
      business is :)) Just think how<br>different the world
      would be if Ed had<br>Bill sign a document stating the
      all <br>software becomes the property of MITS?
      :))<br><br> More later<br> Chuck
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