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Neat Altair link I ran across

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  • steve_bour
    I found a really cool site for retrocomputing, and particularly the Altair:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2000
      I found a really cool site for retrocomputing,
      and particularly the
      Altair:<br><br><a href=http://elena.sysun.com/museum/index.html target=new>http://elena.sysun.com/museum/index.html</a><br><br>They have emulators for the platforms they feature,
      accessable via telnet. The one you will probably want to
      check out first is the Altair with the Pertec floppy
      drive, running Disk Extended BASIC!<br><br>But wait,
      there's more!<br><br>Check
      out:<br><br>ftp://elena.sysun.com/pub/sim<br><br>You will find the C *source* code (runs under UNIX)
      for the emulator, as well as disk images to run with
      it (Disk BASIC, CPM, and, of all things, MITS'
      DOS).<br><br>BTW, right now I have my Altair accessible via telnet:
      telnet://sumo.alltel.net:8800. It's running 8K BASIC V4.0. I plugged the serial
      port into my Alpha, which is hosting the telnet
      service.<br><br>I am interested in obtaining 4K BASIC; I wrote a
      software modem/UART to decode my copy of 8K BASIC (since
      my cassette interface is long gone) then punched it
      onto paper tape. If you have a cassette, I'd be
      willing to either share the code I wrote (will require
      some UNIX experience) or I'd love a whack in reading
      your tape to recover the data.<br><br>What I have
      currently working:<br><br>Altair 8800 (yes, not an a or a
      b) S/N 223573K<br><br>Two 8K SSM (Solid State Music)
      RAM cards (one has a dead 5V regulator, easy enough
      to fix, so BASIC has only 8K to use right now, still
      enough for small programs).<br><br>A SSM 4P+2S card
      (configured to look like an Altair SIO card for BASIC
      :-)<br><br>An Altair 1K memory card (I have this up high and
      usually have a monitor loaded in it).<br><br>Other cards
      (Dazzler, other Cromemco cards) in various states of
      repair; someday I'll restore the Dazzler.<br><br>An
      ASR-33 in fairly good working order. I built an
      RS232-to-current loop interface to connect it to the Altair. I
      would have killed for an ASR-33 when I first bought my
      Altair in '76.<br><br>The Dazzler was my first
      substantial I/O device (not counting the front panel, of
      course :-), along with the Radio Shack parallel keyboard
      kit that was available at the time. Then, I had only
      5K of RAM, *just* enough to run 4K BASIC along with
      the terminal program I hand-assembled for the Dazzler
      (those were the days; seeing "MEMORY SIZE?" on the
      Dazzler was probably the proudest momement of my computer
      life).<br><br>I'd love to share stories with others, or lend any
      help I can to those who love this stuff or want to
      know more.<br><br>--Steve
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