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  • rpadawer
    i, Ken. Nice comments. I admire Thomas Fischer, the fellow who inherited IMSAI from its original founder, and I really have enjoyed his web site (
    Message 1 of 123 , Apr 8, 1999
    • H.E. Robert, [Just Bob!]
      Hi Mike, Dave, The binaries for Altair basic can be found on Andy Kessel s site; http://www.altairage.com/languages/languages.htm I don t think anyone has the
      Message 123 of 123 , Dec 23, 2004
        Hi Mike, Dave,

        The binaries for Altair basic can be found on Andy Kessel's site;


        I don't think anyone has the source??? I think "Bill" and "Paul" still
        hold it
        close to their "blackened hearts", and as such have not released it to
        the public
        domain. The docs are available from our most majestic list leader,
        Steve Shepherd for a modest duplication and shipping costs at;


        Mike, what applications for the Altair do you have, and what are you
        asking for them?

        Just Bob!

        loonatickman wrote:

        > --- In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, David__Winter wrote:
        > > I have another BASIC interpreter for the
        > > ALTAIR,<br>with strings support. It is called MINOL, and<br>dates
        > > 1976. I have the full source and docs for<br>it, so if
        > > there is anybody who wants it, I can<br>email it. By
        > > the way, this wonderful interpreter<br>takes only
        > > 1.75 kilobytes of memory !!!<br><br>I am DESESPERATLY
        > > looking for:<br><br>- a copy of the ALTAIR BASIC by Bill
        > > Gates and<br> Paul Allen: source and/or binary
        > > file<br><br>- a copy of the TINY BASIC for the Altair, ONLY<br>
        > > IF it is an adaptation of the PALO ALTO version<br>
        > > from 1976. I have the sources of the original<br> PALO
        > > ALTO TINY BASIC.<br><br><br>I also have another
        > > language interpreter for the<br>Altair, but I don't
        > > remember the name yet.<br><br><br>Anyone can help with
        > > BASIC files ?
        > I have a bunch of original Altair stuff including all the Microsoft
        > manuals for basic, fortran, etc from gates: I also have cases of 8"
        > floppies with software including applications, languages, etc.
        > What are you looking for?
        > email to olesnevich@...
        > mike olesnevich
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