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757Attention ex-MITS employees!

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  • Steve
    Aug 2, 2005
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      Are you an ex-MITS employee? Do you know any ex-MITS employees? We
      need to hear from you.

      Discussions are underway concerning the possibility of a MITS
      ~30-year reunion, possibly in conjunction with the opening of the
      Computer History Museum in Albuquerque around October, 2006. IF it
      happens, we would like to extend invitations to as many "MITSers" as
      possible, but we have lost track of many, many of you.

      Please contact me off-group (alltare -at- yahoo.com) with your
      contact information and that of anyone else with whom you're still in
      touch. MITS employees only, please- we will verify your credentials.

      This is for real- it's not a scam. Your information will only be
      used for purposes associated with the MITS reunion. For the time
      being, we only need names and email addresses. No phone or mailing
      addresses are needed (not yet, anyway), unless that's the only way to
      make contact.