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528MITS/Altair Legacy Photos @ New Mexico Computer Society Meeting_Part Deaux

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  • nmcs_ron
    Sep 4, 2004
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      I may finally get around to sorting out the pictures on CD that
      DIDN'T get uploaded the first time [see Msg.#429] and that means I'll
      have to tear down the ones that have been up there for 7 months, so
      if you haven't seen them, or want to go back and snag a few, you've
      got until I remember again [probably a week or so] to do so.

      After that, the limited space will be filled by the "new" ones.

      For some reason, Yahoo uploaded some, skipped some, and just
      generally acted irrationally, so the "order" is going to be a little

      I tried the URL in Msg.#429 and even though the site is "public" I
      couldn't even get in the first time even after I had signed in with
      my Yahoo ID--so try, try, again. And I doubt the following URL will
      work [unless you're me !], but try it anyway [no, I won't loan you my
      password !].

      And if you've moved on from 4K BASIC, check out the next message for
      the LINUX InstallFest on Saturday Sept. 25th...You're Invited !!!