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523RE: [Altair Computer Club] How to sell 8080b??

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  • Erik S. Klein
    Aug 16, 2004
      Hello Richard,

      The things that contribute to the value of these old systems are
      condition, originality, completeness and documentation.

      Condition applies to both the cosmetics and the functionality. Clean
      working machines are the best. If yours are dusty or grimy you may want
      to spiff them up a bit. . . carefully.

      Original machines are built to the specs that they would have been when
      new (in and around 1977, in this case.) For an 8800B you're going to
      want to have the original switches and at least a MITS CPU card.
      Additional MITS cards will help as will other "period" cards. Date
      codes on the components should be around when the machine was produced.
      Yours with a black plastic 8080 dated in the mid-1980s would be less
      original, for instance.

      Complete machines will have everything needed to plug in and run.
      Drives (tape or disk), Paper Tape readers, terminals, etc. all
      contribute. An empty chassis sits on one end of the scale while a
      complete system with 48K of RAM, PROMS, drives, software, etc. sits on
      the other.

      Every part of the machine should, ideally, be documented. The original
      MITS binders with the assembly and operations manuals, manuals for any
      additional cards and whatever else exists are ideal. Other forms of
      documentation such as chip spec sheets, period magazines and the like
      also help.

      You've got several options to sell. EBay is always popular and the
      Vintage Computer Marketplace (marketplace.vintage.org) is dedicated to
      old computers and related items. You can also just advertise your gear
      to the appropriate lists (here, various newsgroups, forums like the
      Vintage Computer Forum (www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum - my favorite!)
      and mail lists) and select from the offers that come in from those.

      I've got some detailed records of eBay sales of Altair systems from the
      last couple of years. They fluctuate wildly, but there may be some
      useful information in there for you. Just ask if you want it.

      Best of luck with your sales. I'm interested in adding both types of
      machines to my collection so there's a chance I'll be a buyer. . .

      Erik Klein

      www.vintage-computer.com <http://www.vintage-computer.com/>


      The Vintage Computer Forum

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      Subject: [Altair Computer Club] How to sell 8080b??

      Hi, I was surprised to find this group. I was involved in the
      microcomputer revolution during the 1970's and built a few MITS
      8080b and Sol Processor Technology computers. Even developed the
      first micro based system used by my company (using a 4004). I'm now
      long retired.

      I still have 2 8080b (and 2 Sol Processor Technologies) in my
      basement collecting dust, my wife insists I throw them out. I also
      probably have at least 50 S100 boards (now without documentation),
      (memory, serial, speech recognition, etc.). I notice that on eBay
      people are buying these relics?

      Any advice on how I should prep these items for sale? Where is the
      best place to sell them? What can I expect them to go for?



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