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521How to sell 8080b??

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  • ssb73q
    Aug 15, 2004
      Hi, I was surprised to find this group. I was involved in the
      microcomputer revolution during the 1970's and built a few MITS
      8080b and Sol Processor Technology computers. Even developed the
      first micro based system used by my company (using a 4004). I'm now
      long retired.

      I still have 2 8080b (and 2 Sol Processor Technologies) in my
      basement collecting dust, my wife insists I throw them out. I also
      probably have at least 50 S100 boards (now without documentation),
      (memory, serial, speech recognition, etc.). I notice that on eBay
      people are buying these relics?

      Any advice on how I should prep these items for sale? Where is the
      best place to sell them? What can I expect them to go for?


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