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437Virtual Altair Museum

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  • wtsnet
    Apr 21, 2004
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      I've made many changes to the Virtual Altair Museum and added many
      scans of MITS photos and documents. Feedback is welcome.

      The site currently uses HTML frames and contains large jpeg files.
      I'll be changing the site style as I learn new techniques. My goal is
      to eliminate frames and reduce the size of most pictures. I'm lso
      making a CD version.

      I'll start photographing my equipment and make PDFs of manuals and
      documents. My first CD contains Vector Graphic Manuals.

      Please check any links you have to the site. All links should be
      to "http://www.virtualaltair.com/". Many people still link to my old
      address on exo.com. Please update any old links.

      I have a related links page. Please let me know if you know of
      something good that is not listed.

      I have a For Sale Page. Please contact me if you have something
      Altair related to Sell.

      Does anyone have requests for specific information or photos or other
      stuff to add?


      Tom Sanderson