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3809Re: Non-Altair Help Wanted

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  • deramp5113
    Jul 7, 2014

      Glad to hear I know the person who bought that computer! You are the only other person I know of that has one of these.

      First, don't plug in any S-100 boards even though the connector is the same -- the pinout (including power) is different.

      I did a lot of digging to learn more about this system last year. MOS-80 is actually a port of Cromemco's CDOS. So find a CDOS manual and you'll be better able to operate MOS-80.

      CDOS in turn, is an upward compatible CP/M clone (as of CP/M version 1.3). Most CP/M applications I have tried work on MOS-80, but not all (e.g., some CP/M 2.2 applications).

      The disk format and file structure is identical to the industry-standard IBM 3740 soft sectored format using the standard CP/M skew factor of 6. I was able to read and archive CP/M 2.2 soft sectored disks for someone else using the Mostek computer.

      I've been in touch with the author of CDOS who was contracted by Mostek to develop MOS-80. It sounds like he has lots of useful information regarding the hardware, the monitor ROMs, and MOS-80 in his garage. He has promised to look through it for me, but I haven't gotten anything from him yet.

      Feel free to contact me by email to dig into the details.


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