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3802Re: [Altair Computer Club] Re: Looking for bootable disks for Altair 8800bt + Micropolis 1053 II drive

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  • Josh Dersch
    Jul 4, 2014
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      Cool.  It probably makes the most sense to get TURMON running.  I'll see if i can find the time to assemble my 1702 eprom burner kit sometime soon (unless someone out there is able to burn one for me :)).  The only other question is where to find media -- I have a ton of soft-sectored 5.25" disks, but very very few hard-sectored and none of those are spares.  Any suggestions for finding disks?


      On 7/3/2014 11:26 AM, deramp5113@... [altaircomputerclub] wrote:

      Everything still looks good. I see two approaches:

      Without the TURMON PROM, I'll have to create a bootable disk and send it to you. This adds two variables: 1) Will my drive's alignment create a floppy disk that can be read with your drive's current alignment, and 2) do the SIO board, internal serial cable, external serial cable, and your terminal all work properly?

      With the TURMON PROM, we can prove that the Turnkey board's serial port, wiring and your terminal are working, and we could then write the bootable disk with your own drive using a disk image file I could email you (I have utilities that are easily loaded using TURMON to write disk images files to the Micropolis drives). This eliminates the potential of drive incompatibility. We'll use the Turnkey serial port as the console for CP/M. We could then create a version that uses the IMSAI SIO board if you want.

      Your FDC is not strapped at the "standard" Vector-Graphic 56K configuration of F800, it is strapped at F400, so there won't be a conflict with TURMON. Frankly, I've seen TURMON versions configured for RAM at FC00, F800 and C000. Your Turnkey board has its RAM at C000, so it may have had one of the "newer" versions of TURMON installed at one time. When you burn the TURMON PROM, we'll have to see what address it loads for the stack pointer so we know where to put RAM.


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