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3797Re: Looking for bootable disks for Altair 8800bt + Micropolis 1053 II drive

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  • deramp5113
    Jul 2, 2014
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      Is there a cable attached to the serial port connector on the Turnkey board that runs to a DB-25 on the rear panel, or are only the IMSAI SIO ports connected to DB-25s on the rear panel?

      If the IMSAI SIO is going to drive the console, I'll I have to see how that board is strapped and update CP/M and MDOS to use the IMSAI SIO serial board instead of the standard Altair serial port. Please post a good picture of the front of the IMSAI board so I can see it's configuration.

      Though it may not be a requirement, it would be really nice to have the Turnkey Monitor PROM(TURMON) installed on your Turnkey board. However, this Altair PROM expects a 6850 serial port at I/O address 010h (typically the 6850 on the Turnkey board). Again, let me know if you have a cable from the Turnkey board to a DB-25 on the rear panel. We may want to use that port to get you going. Someone on this forum could probably burn you a 1702 TURMON PROM.

      Unfortunately, I can't help with the front panel key. Hopefully someone else on this forum with a Turnkey can help.


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