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3792Looking for bootable disks for Altair 8800bt + Micropolis 1053 II drive

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  • jadersch
    Jul 1, 2014
      Hi all --

      I've had this turnkey Altair 8800 in my possession for a year or so now and I've finally had some time this week to go over it.  Everything appears nominal -- power supply is OK, and I tested the RAM out using my Fluke 9010.  My machine is outfitted with a Micropolis 1053 II disk drive unit and matching controller (and with boot ROM installed on the turnkey board.)

      On reset, the system appears to attempt to boot, but unfortunately I have no bootable media, and as this is kind of an oddball format (hard sectored, 100tpi) I have no means to create any, even if I had images to start with.  Does anyone out there have the ability to create bootable disks for this setup?

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