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3790Lots of Altair Minidisk disk images

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  • mfeberhard
    Jun 23, 2014
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      I just uploaded disk images of many Altair Minidisks, including Basic 300-5-F, Minidisk DOS, Minidisk Fortran, a heap of games, test utilities for the PCI, the UIO, the ADC, a heap of games, etc.

      You can find these here, in Files> Altair Disk Images> Altair Minidisk Images. All of the files that I uploaded today are prefixed by "MD".

      You can create your own disks from these images using the PC2FLOP program that is in the same directory. There's a related text file that explains how.

      Thank you very much to Steve Shepard, who saved these disks for so many years, and has made them available for me to archive here! Without Steve, I am pretty sure that most Minidisk software would be lost.

      Thank you also to Mike Douglas for his excellent FLOP2PC and PC2FLOP programs, which make archiving and recreating Altair disks easy.

      -Martin E.