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3778Re: Resurected Minidisk BASIC!!!

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  • wtsnet
    May 19, 2014
      This is great work that can be used to learn what is needed to move BASIC from 32-hard sectors to MiniDisk. It should also be useful to test that controllers and drives work, BUT ...

      WARNING: MITS BASIC 300-5-E has flawed garbage collection. MITS programmers broke it in an attempt to speedup string processing for the accounting software. The A, B, D, and E BASIC versions were broken so bad that Pertec had to pay Bill Gates as a consultant.

      The C version is the safest and has improved PRINT USING to speed up reports. The C version was used by the Altair accounting software. The F version is the last MITS BASIC. It has the improved string processing and should the best and fastest MITS BASIC. As far as I know the F version is reliable, but not tested and much as the C version.

      W. Tom Sanderson
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