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3777Resurected Minidisk BASIC!!!

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  • mfeberhard
    May 19, 2014
      I have just uploaded disk images for Minidisk BASIC, along with several Minidisk utilities (such as PIP), and a pile of games on Minidisks.

      These will require Mike Douglas's Minidisk version of his PC2FLOP program.  Mike should be posting his program real soon now (nudge).

      With his program, you can write these images to disk, and (for the first time in decades) boot Minidisk BASIC. I've used his Minidisk FLOP2PC to create these disk images, and have used his Minidisk PC2FLOP to write new disks. I now have several backups of these Minidisks.

      A while back, I came across a few Altair Minidisks, including exactly one bootable Minidisk BASIC disk. I was super careful to make sure my disk controller and disk drive were in excellent shape before I even considered inserting this disk...

      The disk boots BASIC (version 300-5-E) perfectly. However, when you MOUNT this disk, you get a disk I/O error - implying a bad sector someplace on the disk beyond the BASIC image.

      This seems to be no big deal - you can mount the other disks and load the software on them just fine. Mike and/or I will figure out which is the bad sector, and repair the disk image one of these days.

      Have fun! I am very interested to hear from others who either already have working Minidisk systems, or who can boot these disk images...

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