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3736Re: [Altair Computer Club] Re: Brainiac, Geniac, Tiniac computers

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  • alltare
    Apr 3, 2014
      Thanks for that link.  Comparing it to the book I bought, it appears to be the identical publication.  Well, I'm out a few bucks, but at least I have a hard copy.  I gotta learn to check those public domain sites more often, though.  Archive.org has a lot of good stuff- I use it often for OTR (old time radio) programs.

      ---In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, <jeffkoenig@...> wrote :

      A PDF of "Brainiacs - The 1958 Experiments", by Edmund C. Berkeley is available for free on archive.org.



      On Wednesday, April 2, 2014 9:17 AM, "deramp5113@..." <deramp5113@...> wrote:
      I've often considered designing and building a relay-based CPU. This sounds like an interesting book to have. Thanks!


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