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3543RE: Altair Cassette Interface

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  • deramp5113
    Oct 4, 2013
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      Yep, that's exactly how I ended up making them yesterday. Looks pretty good!



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      I sent an MS Word template up. You can get silvered labels to print them on and they look just like the orirgnals.

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      Based on your input, Bill's photo, and an 8800 rear panel photo from Tom Sanderson, it does look like it is the same label just cut in half and stuck on in two different places.





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      I have the 8800 one and it looks like the same label, but cut in half and placed over each hole.




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      Thanks for the photo! Since the 8800 rear panel had the two holes for the audio jack so far apart, I believe the 88-ACR actually came with two labels.




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      Does anyone have a picture of the rear panel of an Altair 8800 with the "Tape Record Out" and Tape Record In" labels in place over the audio jacks for the 88-ACR? I have the audio cassette interface working for the Altair Clone and I want to make labels that look like the originals. Thanks!





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