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  • TMollerup
    Sep 6, 2003
      I just found this Altair Yahoo group and thought I would say hello.
      In 2000 I purchased a working mint condition Altair 8800 for a little
      over $3000. I flew out to Redmond to pick it up from my Microsoft
      buddy who was kind enough to inspect the system and complete the
      transaction. I had it super packed and personally flew it home to
      Chicago, where it exists today. After a couple of years of being
      preserved in packing, I finally had the nerve to unpack it. I am told
      by the pervious owner that is passes the lenghty test program, but
      have never plugged it in. Now I am wondering what I should do with
      it. I bought it because I remember the Altair from my childhood and
      because I read the book "Gates". I have considered selling to raise
      more money for my start-up, or I will keep it and someday put it in a
      glass case in the lobby of my company HQ once my start-up is
      successful. There is also a part of me that wants to figure it out.
      So I have started my research. If there is anyone in the Chicago
      burbs that knows how to inspect and use one, please feel free to
      contact me. I would love your help. Another option for anyone willing
      to assist me, is working using a webcam setup. I could be your hands,
      and the webcam could be your eyes. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to
      learning more about this wonderful machine online.