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3386RE: [Altair Computer Club] Re: Altair 88-DCDD floppy disk controller?

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Aug 9, 2013
      toml_12953 wrote:
      > Here's another thought....I see full size scans of both the 8800 and
      > 8800B front panels on eBay right now. Maybe you could buy one of those
      > and replace the damaged faceplate graphics. Then you'd have to cover it
      > with a clear sheet, of course but it should look pretty good once done.

      No, no. You don't understand. Somebody went "mad scientist" on this unit.
      The front panel interface board and cables are gone. Traces are cut and
      holes are drilled all over the front panel pcb. Many of the LEDs and
      switches are gone. Looks like he/she tried to mount IMSAI sized switches
      in multiple places, hacking holes in the dress panel and the metal panel
      behind it. Oddly (fortunately), the rest of the chassis, mother board and
      power supply are immaculate. Not even a significant scratch in the paint.

      Bill S.
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