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3376RE: [Altair Computer Club] Cromemco Dazzler RAM compatibility question

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Jul 28, 2013
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      corey986 wrote:
      > So before I start messing about with my dazzler, I have a question
      > about RAM. Can it work in a system like a Sol-20 with 16kra/32kra
      > cards or must it have static ram? Has anyone tried it in a system with
      > dynamic memory?
      > Just deciding which s100 system to plug it into (altair or Sol) since I
      > don't have room for a real Cromemco in my home office.

      I have tried mine with two revs of Cromemco 64kz DRAM cards in an
      IMSAI chassis. In both cases, the pixels would occasionally flicker.
      When I switched to a CompuPro RAM17 64k SRAM card, the flickering
      went away. I made no attempt to do a detailed investigation, but I
      can say that both 64kzs passed several different memory test programs
      and I use one in another system with no problems.

      Bill S.
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