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2920Should I be able to program a Cromemco Bytesaver 32K from Altair front panel

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  • corey986
    Dec 2 6:39 AM
      I know I can't program my 8k bytesaver from the front panel and need the software to program eproms.

      However with the 32k Bytesaver according to the manual you should only have to write to a location with the programing enabled, but I know it uses the system clock to time it. When simply setting a memory address's value from the front panel, is the 2mhz clock normal? Or does the CPU being in a stopped state prevent the 32k Bytesaver from working correctly in write mode?

      I don't want to have to take out the oscilloscope just yet, it's hooked up to another project I'm helping Vince Briel out with.

      I guess I could hook up the 8k and the 32k at the same time and use the 8k to hold a program that will "write" to the 32k in "run" mode, but I really want to stop pulling cards in and out of the machine to prevent damage to the thin rev 0 motherboard and I only have one "extender" i'm leaving permanently installed which I am using for the 32k.

      Thanks again everyone for the help as I sort our my system,