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267Hi & a question

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  • Larry Troth
    Feb 6, 2003
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      I have just joined the group and I am looking forward to gaining some new
      knowledge regarding the old hardware that I have. After 20+ years in
      storage, I will finally be able to get my s-100 systems (yes, I have
      several) bake in operation. As I get them up I'll post pictures and info.

      My question is about some new hardware for these old systems. While I have
      a good supply of 8" floppy drives and floppies, it is only a matter of time
      till the last of them give up the ghost. Has anyone come up with a
      kit/board/schematic/??? to allow the use of the new 1.44Mb 3-1/2" diskette
      drives with these old systems? I would love to transfer my old data from
      the 8" media to the 3-1/2" media. Does anyone know of any web pages that
      discuss this? Are there any resources out there? (I found a site that has
      a new card for the SWTP 680 systems to do this, so what about he s-100

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