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2582solivant.com BASIC and F000

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  • B Degnan
    Dec 1, 2011
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      I will re-test everything and reveal what happens.  I will make note of what's present in F000 before I start and then what's been loaded into F000 after I complete the BASIC download.  I have an open mind.  IN the meantime I was able to run the
      program and received the correct results.  A0 and A1 leds lit.  The program runs BASIC steadily for hours once loaded, also, I can reset the system to re-initialize BASIC if I want to break out of a program with no issue.

      I believe that the version of Basic 3.2 that I uploaded is the same as the one you loaded from the Solivent site. And mine does not require memory at F000...

      I am quite curious about why your system requires memory at F000. This really should not be the case. One hair-brained guess is that you have several address lines shorted on your bus. Thus, writing to low memory is actually writing into high memory instead - and the read-back is reading from the high memory. But this would mean that Basic might not run properly either, and as far as I can tell, you are getting Basic to run. Weird.

      Does your Basic run correctly? Can you write a Basic program and run it?

      A couple of questions:

      Do you actually
      memory (via the front panel) at all the correct addresses for where you jumpered the boards?

      Here is an interesting experiment you might try: Use the front panel to load a super-simple program into memory at 000000: (in octal)

      000000  303  (JMP 000)
      000001  000
      000002  000

      Now, hit the reset switch. The front panel address should read 000000, regardless of the switch settings. If not, something is wrong. Then try single-stepping through the program. Does it work correctly? Try running it - you should see just A) and A1 leds lit, the rest off...