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  • horacehall
    Sep 18, 2011
      It looks like he did a replacement of the PROM chip that carried the operating system software (the BUG, I think they called it). There are 4 big chip sockets right in front of the transformers, three of which are empty but the innermost one has a black chip mounted "piggyback" in the air above what appears to be an old chip in the socket. The piggyback chip's in a socket connected by jumper wires to the original socket & to a few small chips, too, it seems.

      I don't recall such a mod being included in the original construction manuals. It resembles a mod I made to my 680b to replace the original Bug software with a (then) more popular Southwest Tech Products SWATBUG (or maybe it was SWTBUG) operating system with a few more features. I was also able to double the clock speed with the new chip. It also enabled me to build an interface card to use a Southwest floppy disk controller card and RAM card.

      Two transformers & fan weren't required in the basic kit package but the second was needed if more than the basic motherboard was installed. Your two transformers look identical; that plus the fan, make me wonder if that might be a factory assembled 680b.


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      > Okay people,
      > I'm in the progress of setting up an auction on e-bay. but i have my
      > pics posted already and figured you might want to see them.
      > http://www.flickr.com/photos/67655040@N08/sets/72157627562215747/
      > <http://www.flickr.com/photos/67655040@N08/sets/72157627562215747/>
      > Enjoy!
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