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2354Re: Just got a Altair 8800

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  • Green
    Oct 7, 2010
      Right now I took some video but I never did the youtube thing before so it kind of stinks. But hoping to get something from it so everyone can see it and then go from there.
      At one point I am calling the stacked board a serial and modem card LOL later to find out it is a cassette card.
      Started reading the instructions Online and they might as well be in Russian because most of the stuff is over my head. I have to give credit to people who used these machines in every day life.

      --- In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, "Green" <gmeanie@...> wrote:
      > I was just giving this Altair 8800 with a few cards inside.
      > So far I see a CPU rev 1 card,8K memory card,Cassette card,8800_SerialTTL88SIOB,88-2SIO,16MCSstatic.
      > So far I took the chance and didn't use a variac to bring it up with power. I took the cards out and flick the ON switch and it cme alive no smoke at all. Then I put the CPU card in and the other that I had and no smoke still.
      > Now I just need to figure out how to test it the easiest way possible. I really don't know much about using these and hope to someday get it running with basic and a terminal.
      > If you guys have any ideas on testing let me know.
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