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2352Just got a Altair 8800

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  • Green
    Oct 5, 2010
      I was just giving this Altair 8800 with a few cards inside.
      So far I see a CPU rev 1 card,8K memory card,Cassette card,8800_SerialTTL88SIOB,88-2SIO,16MCSstatic.

      So far I took the chance and didn't use a variac to bring it up with power. I took the cards out and flick the ON switch and it cme alive no smoke at all. Then I put the CPU card in and the other that I had and no smoke still.
      Now I just need to figure out how to test it the easiest way possible. I really don't know much about using these and hope to someday get it running with basic and a terminal.
      If you guys have any ideas on testing let me know.
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