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208Altair 8800bt DM and 8800bt SM

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  • wtsnet
    Mar 18, 2001
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      Does anyone have information about the Altair
      8800bt DM and 8800bt SM? Former MITS people tell me that
      these machines were sold to a department store chain.
      The store and computer were named Foly or Foley. I'm
      not sure of the spelling. I'd like to hear more about
      the store and machine. <br><br>For those of you that
      have never heard of this model, it is a modified
      8800bt. The 18-slot motherboard was replaced with the
      10-slot version used in the Attache. The space freed by
      removing 8 slots was used by one 5.25-inch drive (SM) or
      two 5.25-inch drives (DM). The floppy controller is a
      modified version of the two board set used for MITS 8-inch