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2040Serial cards...Re: FW: [Altair Computer Club] Re: Newbee to the group, Assembler & IDE ???

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  • W Tom
    Jun 1 6:01 AM

      >I updated severalthings on my webpage and added this one link below to help sort out the S-100serial cards
      >There's a couple of links I still have to add to this which I should get tosoon.
      >I also notated on there about the diff modes the SSM IO4 can emulate.
      >http://www.vintagec omputer.net/ ragooman/ comp_s-100_ serial.html

      Great work on this page. I like have an overview of S-100 IO chip usage with images and pdf links. Please add the Altair Turnkey Module to the list of boards with a Motorola 6850.

      > As for theBitstreamer II, you mention on your website that it's compatible with theAltair.
      > http://tom12. tech.officelive. com/RS232CSerial .aspx
      > I don't know which Altair software runs with a 8251 uart.
      > Just the 2502 uart(88-SIO) , 6850 uart(88-2SIO, 88-UIO) and AY-5-1013uart(88-UIO)
      >I suppose if you have a system running CP/M, then it would be possible to usethis card.

      You are correct, the Bitstreamer II is not used by Altair software. A Bitstreamer II and 2SIO can exist is the came system with standard board addressing. I have the BIOS source for a Tarbell 1011D and M6850 IO and Tarbell with a Vector Graphic monitor. I also have the source code for VG serial monitors. I also have MDM 7.12 for the Bitstreamer.

      The Bitstreamer can be useful for CP/M or if you are not running MITS softare. The monitor code may be useful until source code for a better 6850 monitor is found.  The Bitstreamer is not useful for Altair BASIC or DOS.


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