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1841Re: Anyone know about this Altair Rom Basic card on ebay ?

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  • Agustus Finknottle IV "Gussy"
    Nov 20, 2009

      I have one in my Altair 8800B. It basically allows you to free up memory and run larger BASIC programs. Why? because they can run from their location in high memory. My 8800 (not the B) just has 8K BASIC in EPROMS - but since that version of BASIC must be run from 0000h, I had to hack BASIC to add a little routine to copy itself from the EPROMs address down to 0000h and then start executing itself again. This scheme works, but you end up with 2 copies of BASIC in the system, one @ 0000h and the other up in EPROM land. The ROM BASIC is larger too - I think it's a 16K card and it's running Extended BASIC - a superset of the standard 8K Altair BASIC. It also allows integer variables; thereby saving even more memory.

      I have the B setup with a turnkey card with an auto boot jump to the ROM BASIC card. I've also got an ACR-88 cassette interface in the B and it works geat with the ROM BASIC. The B is my "BASIC Machine" - that's all it does and it does it well. I can run 40K+ monster Star Trek programs in BASIC.

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