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1599Re: Copying Computer Audio Tapes

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  • Dan Roganti
    Oct 7, 2008
      Grant Stockly wrote:
      > I'm trying to get some loose ends tied up, and that involves
      > duplicating tape cassettes.
      > I have a TC-WE635 "Stereo Cassette Deck". It says "DC Servo
      > Controlled Motor" on the doors, so it must be good! : )
      > It has "Automatic Tape Selection", so I will have to trust that...
      > It gives me a selection of:
      > Dolby NR
      > (OFF) (ON) (ON FILTER) and then a (B) and (C)
      > Which settings do I want to use?
      > It has stereo audio outputs on the back, of course, so I will also
      > record the audio into a computer. However these days I don't want to
      > put all of my trust into the computer...

      Make Dolby = OFF

      I suppose these are original tapes ?
      I don't think these recordings ever used Dolby with such a narrow band
      of frequencies. The signal strength should be strong enough still if
      they were kept in a safe place. Even though you have a stereo deck and
      the tapes were usually recorded on a mono deck, you still might want to
      wire both right and left channels on the sound card to make your
      recording. Because when you insert the stereo plug without this you
      leave one of the inputs floating if it's not wired--might get some
      unexpected results.


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