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1597Copying Computer Audio Tapes

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  • Grant Stockly
    Oct 6, 2008
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      I'm trying to get some loose ends tied up, and that involves
      duplicating tape cassettes.

      I have a TC-WE635 "Stereo Cassette Deck". It says "DC Servo
      Controlled Motor" on the doors, so it must be good! : )

      It has "Automatic Tape Selection", so I will have to trust that...

      It gives me a selection of:

      Dolby NR
      (OFF) (ON) (ON FILTER) and then a (B) and (C)

      Which settings do I want to use?

      It has stereo audio outputs on the back, of course, so I will also
      record the audio into a computer. However these days I don't want to
      put all of my trust into the computer...

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