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1589Re: [Altair Computer Club] Re: 8800 on eBay

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  • Dan Roganti
    Aug 15, 2008
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      Steve wrote:
      > It was built from a kit, so who knows what happened with the front
      > panel. I don't recall ever seeing a commercial one advertised in the
      > magazines. It looks pretty good, but that paint job probably ruined
      > the collector value- it will never sell for $3500. Also, there
      > doesn't seem to be a top cover.
      It does look very good for a custom job. I'm guessing their original
      silkscreen faded. But if I had too I would have it painted in the
      original layout --
      > Was it IMSAI who used that kind of card guide?

      I have the original card guides in my IMSAI. It doesn't look anything
      like this, just the common plastic guides you seem most everywhere.
      > I know I've seen the 'plastic rod with slots cut in it' somewhere before, but not sure
      > where. Definitely not Altair. The builder must have been a hacker
      > who got parts from multiple sources.
      I've seen the same card guides in the ALTAIR at the March Museum in the
      InfoAge Science Center. We were working with this several months ago
      together with the owner who donated it to the museum. He said it was a
      retrofit kit that was made back then by Processor Tech. It bought that
      along with their VDM-1 video card which was also included in the donation.
      > Among the 9 or 10 boards, I can only identify a MITS 2SIO, CPU-A, and
      > 2K PROM (PMC).
      It does appear to be several 3rd party cards in there, judging from the
      pcb style and parts. It's hard to distinguish which kind from looking at
      the edges.

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