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1588Re: 8800 on eBay

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  • Steve
    Aug 15, 2008
      It was built from a kit, so who knows what happened with the front
      panel. I don't recall ever seeing a commercial one advertised in the
      magazines. It looks pretty good, but that paint job probably ruined
      the collector value- it will never sell for $3500. Also, there
      doesn't seem to be a top cover.

      Was it IMSAI who used that kind of card guide? I know I've seen
      the 'plastic rod with slots cut in it' somewhere before, but not sure
      where. Definitely not Altair. The builder must have been a hacker
      who got parts from multiple sources.

      Among the 9 or 10 boards, I can only identify a MITS 2SIO, CPU-A, and
      2K PROM (PMC).

      The same guy is selling a $3000 model B in another auction
      (150283429668). It has a cover, but several switches will need to be
      replaced and the CPU board is missing. The 3 cards in it look like
      the front panel interface (D/C Interface), 4K Synchronous dynamic RAM
      (S4K), and 4K dynamic RAM (4MCD).

      Electrons are cheap- it's too bad so many sellers insist on posting
      small photos. To write the auction he used Turbolister, which would
      have made it very easy to show larger images.


      --- In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, "oghull" <oghull@...>
      > What do you guys make of this 8800 on eBay (Item number:
      > Putting aside the absurd starting price for the moment, what do you
      > know about that front panel and unusual card guides? Are they
      > original MITS items?
      > Geoff.
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