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150Re: altair basic

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  • wtsnet
    Aug 1, 1999
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      I have 4K & 8K cassette BASIC 4.0 and I'll help
      with research. You can publish the source if you want.
      I am interested in the evolution of BASIC. I
      started with MITS BASIC 4.1 and am now working in Visual
      BASIC 6. I am also interested learning more about the
      history of MITS BASIC prior to 4.1.<br><br>Do you have a
      working cassette system? I have a MITS UIO and just
      bought a Tarbell board. I've never used a cassette and
      am concentrating on getting my disk drives going.
      Would you like to come by for a visit and discuss how
      to proceed?<br><br>I got my Vector Graphic hard disk
      running today. That is what I plan to use for a
      development system. Next I'll get my 8-inch drives running
      and dig through my archives and find a disassembler.
      After that I'll get both hard and soft sectored 8-inch
      drives running in 8800B. When I get to that point, I can
      transfer files between systems using RS232 or by
      exchanging soft-sectored disks. That is the long way around,
      but I don't have much development software in MITS
      format.<br><br>Are there club members with a working cassette
      interface, disassembler, and communication software? Is
      anyone set up to move Altair software to a CD or other
      modern media? I'd also like to hear from anyone with an
      8080 disassenbler.