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1322Re: [Altair Computer Club] Disk Drive

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  • D. Hugh Redelmeier
    Nov 5, 2007
      | From: Grant Stockly <grant@...>

      | Without software, the interface is worthless. My main goal is to run
      | Altair software, not CP/M. A 3PS card would be able to handle CP/M,
      | but not Altair DOS or Basic.

      Makes sense. I assume that the issue is that Altair software did not
      separate the driver functionality the way CP/M did with its BIOS. Too

      The only software I've run on my Altair has been my own. It lives in
      a Byte Saver EPROM board (7k). I daydream that I could just code
      up a driver. (I don't even have an EPROM eraser, but that is probably
      easy to solve.)
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