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1320Re: [Altair Computer Club] Disk Drive

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  • Grant Stockly
    Nov 5, 2007
      >| I was thinking about trying to make an Altair Disk Drive.
      >Funny that you mentioned this today. I was daydreaming about whether
      >it would be easy to build a bit-banging MMC interface with my 3P+S
      >I know: no purist would accept this. But it might be funny to have a
      >few gigs of "disk" (flash) on my so-far-diskless Altair.

      One of my projects that I'm putting on hold is making a SD disk drive
      emulator card. It makes the SD card look like an Altair disk drive.

      Without software, the interface is worthless. My main goal is to run
      Altair software, not CP/M. A 3PS card would be able to handle CP/M,
      but not Altair DOS or Basic.

      >I don't have an S100 disk controller. Where would you get one? I
      >don't even remember all the practical issues of hard and soft sectoring.

      A disk controller would be included in the price.

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