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  • H.E.Robert
    Jan 2, 2007
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      Well, pretty much! Most people using a 33ASR or 35ASR would turn the punch
      on, and create a leader using rubout's or null's (CTRL P) or the "hereis"
      key on a machine with an unprogrammed answerback drum, then switch off
      The punch, type LIST, turn the punch on, and hit return.

      You could write a small basic program to do everything if your TTY has the
      proper stunt box levers/options for device control of the punch and reader,
      more common on the 35's than the 33's however.

      The nulls give you room to write on the tape, as only the feed holes are
      punched, whereas the rubout punches all data holes, but both are ignored on
      input to Altair BASIC.

      I have no knowledge with regards to the Altair High Speed Punch and Reader,
      maybe Steve remembers using one.

      Just Bob!

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      So how do you paper tape punch a basic program? Do you just switch output
      to the punch and type LIST?


      At 02:49 PM 1/2/2007, you wrote:

      >Sometimes you gotta read those manuals between the lines. It may
      >help you to know that 680 BASIC is essentially the same as Altair
      >8800 8K BASIC, rev 3.

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