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  • Steve
    Jan 2, 2007
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      Sometimes you gotta read those manuals between the lines. It may
      help you to know that 680 BASIC is essentially the same as Altair
      8800 8K BASIC, rev 3.

      All BASICs were backward compatable to a great extent. For
      example, Altair disk BASIC and Hard Disk BASIC (and even IBM PC
      BASIC) retained the CSAVE and CLOAD commands. Sometimes, a better
      description of a command might be found in the manual for another
      version of BASIC.


      --- In altaircomputerclub@yahoogroups.com, Grant Stockly <grant@...>
      > >Yeah, CSAVE"A" should work.
      > >
      > >Unlike the MSBASIC, PC BASIC, GW BASIC, and other BASICs that came
      > >later for the IBM PC, Altair BASIC wasn't finicky about spaces in
      > >commands, so it would treat these the same:
      > >CSAVE"A"
      > >CSAVE "A"
      > CSAVE"A" worked guys... I was going by the file
      > "MITS_Altair_680b_BASIC_Manual.pdf" for the syntax on "CSAVE
      A". ; )
      > Sure is fun playing with these old things. : )
      > Grant
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