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    During the “Nai Talim” event, School-Without-Walls” students are planning to share their recipes of making all-natural homemade shampoo from medicinal
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 16, 2012
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      During the “Nai Talim” event, School-Without-Walls” students are planning to share their recipes of making all-natural homemade shampoo from medicinal flowers and leaves apart from tooth powder, syrups, medicinal tea, etc. We would like to appeal to the participants to avoid commercial tooth pastes and shampoo if possible. We are sure you will all take pleasure in the flavors and benefits of these natural recipes.

      To be familiar with “Nai Talim” lets value Gandhi’s views which place a lot of stress on the search for Swa & Swadesh. We have miserably failed to value his thoughts in the past decade and it’s now time to re-call his vision and start living it. To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest. Do it and then you will feel motivated to do it. An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching......Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua, Pandit Bhayo Na Koye......Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke, Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye

      Since we will be staying in the Sahyadri Mountain ranges (700 m above sea level), here is a wise advice from an old villager “Pahado mein, jo chalta hai, jo kaam karta hai, usey thand nahi lagti. Jo baithta hai, usey thand lagti hai.” Keeping this thought in mind we are looking for more hands-on work which culminates to exploring life in “Chaukul village”, knowing the host and their neighbors, cooking food with villagers, working on the farm, making compost, interacting with the village bare foot botanist, etc and being one with nature.

      Ample time would be available to the participants for discussions and sharing during chai time. Kindly also note that since all of us will be staying in the village houses, meals will be prepared by the villagers and you too can join in if you wish to as a lot of new dishes can be learnt from them. We request everyone to wash up their own plates and other vessels that are using in the entire process.

      A humble request to parents who are bringing their children along – kindly do not carry any electronic gadgets and games as they would have a lot of games that can be invented by them and they will also get to the learn the simple games that are played by the children in the village. Children can also involve themselves exploring nature, spending time with the animals on the farm, etc. However, young participants may bring their drawing-painting kits during their stay at Chaukul. We will appreciate if all participants learn to speak 3-5 sentences in Malvani (local language of Konkan) during their 5 days stay at Chaukul. ”Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

      The last two days of the event will involve sharing of experiences and learning’s by Guruji Ravindra Sharma on Swadesh, Nai talim and Indian tradition. Dr. Sunimay Damle, a renowned Ayurveda Vaidya (doctor) shall interact with us on understanding our health problems and he will also introduce to us the rules of nature. If our budget permits we shall hire a LCD projector to view some appealing films during late-evening hours along with the villagers.

      We will soon be conducting a meeting with the Chaukul village committee. Participants who have yet not registered or contributed and updated their travel plan & transaction details please do the needful at your earliest. 
      Lots more to come...

    • School Without Walls
      *Dear Friends,* Nai Talim@Chaukul organizing meeting was held with the villagers at Chaukul. We provided indigenous & organic vegetable seeds to the villagers.
      Message 2 of 4 , Oct 6, 2012
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        Dear Friends,

        Nai Talim@Chaukul organizing meeting was held with the villagers at Chaukul. We provided indigenous & organic vegetable seeds to the villagers. Besides our group camp, objective of Nai Talim@Chaukul is to share innovations in rural engineering, indigenous recipes in food lab, organic farming and Mrug-Ayurveda practices with Chaukul villagers...

        We recently discovered that Mahatma Gandhi who formulated Nai Talim stayed at the Royal guest house in Amboli. During his stay he called this Sansthan as Ramrajya. The twin principles of Mahatma Gandhi’s Ram Rajya were Right means and Right ends. Sawantwadi has got history of Electric, Water Supply and free education for girls since last 300 years.

        Chaukul village in Amboli as you all know is a hill station in western Ghat, which comes under the Sawantvadi taluka jurisdiction. "Sawantwadi Town" was the former capital of the erstwhile 'Kingdom Of Sawantwadi' during the pre-independence era. In 1947, it was merged with the Independent Republic of India. (This is actually ambiguous year because it was the last independent state to merge into free India.) Since then it has been the capital town of the Sawantwadi taluka.

        Last Ruler King was Shivaji Raje Shivram Bhonsale who's Rajya Abhishek (coronation) was conducted in this city. After the independence, Sawantwadi was governed as sansthan for 8 years i.e. up to 1956.

        Sansthan built two palaces for King, one on Narendra Hill and other in local city for this workers dug out the soil and by this way the moti Talav that is reservior of water was created. As workers got pearls in this work it was named as Moti Talav...

        Sansthan King collected workers from borishirod and developed kalasutri, wood products, and chitrakathi. He appointed 3 guards for security named Upralkar, Helekar, Danelkar on 3 sides. They always guarded the boundries of Sawantwadi by their skills and technique.

        King gave some lands to his court people and after that the land was known by their Sir Names like Sabnis Wada, Khaskilwada.

        Sawantwadi has got one more water resvoir called (atnesgwar tali) it has got water through out the year. Sawantwadi Nagar Palika has complited 100 years and recorded as first Nagarpalika in Maharashtra to complete 100 years.

        To particpate in Nai Talim@Chaukul you can register on:


        Meenal & Sachin


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