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  • Sharla Chakravarthy Joseph
    ... From: Sharla Chakravarthy Joseph Date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 10:24 AM Subject: Re: Help - home schooling To: krish2231
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      From: Sharla Chakravarthy Joseph <sharlachakravarthy@...>
      Date: Thu, May 31, 2012 at 10:24 AM
      Subject: Re: Help - home schooling
      To: krish2231 <krish2231@...>

      Hello, Raji,
      When I want to buy a book, the first place I look is www.flipkart.com.  They carry a good variety of Hodder, Nelson and other books for IGCSE and other streams too.
      They deliver free, and you can pay by cash or card.

      One can use any book to learn.  IGCSE books cover the IGCSE syllabus more closely, but it's a good idea to supplement with other books too.  I don't know whether using exams from other boards would be helpful, as the method of examination is different with IGCSE.  For example, in most Indian boards, the student needs to write longer answers to get more marks.  In IGCSE, even the space in the answer paper is limited, and the student needs to be able to write concisely, mentioning the important points.  Furthermore, IGCSE emphasizes analysis and application in its exams rather than memory. 

      You can download numerous past papers of IGCSE, GCSE etc. from  www.xtremepapers.com.  Most of the marks schemes for the papers can also be downloaded.

      I know that Mallya Aditi International School accepts private candidates.  Other schools probably do so also. Two years before the intended exams, you should visit the exam centre school and clarify all the details and arrangements, subjects, fees, application deadlines, etc.

      It is a good idea to confirm with the school that the subjects your child wants to do are offered by the school.  (for example, subjects that include a compulsory coursework component in their exams are NOT available to private candidates (see the syllabus information on CIE website)).  Each subject syllabus will contain a statement of whether the subject is available to private candidates.

      Furthermore, if a language subject is not taught by the school, they generally do not offer exams that include a speaking module. 

      Speaking of languages, IGCSE only offers one Indian language--Hindi--and a variety of international languages.  However, additional Indian and international languages, such as Tamil and Bengali, are available from Cambridge under the GCSE O Level board.  A student can take a mixture of GCSE O Levels and IGCSE exams. 

      Some of the IGCSE languages are not available to private candidates.  Most of the GCSE O Level language subjects are available to private candidates.  So, if your student wants to do a language that is not taught at your exam centre school, or, if the IGCSE language subject is not available to private candidates, your student may still be able to do that language if it is offered as a GCSE O Level subject.

      For example, my son will probably take up a language subject under GCSE O level and write the rest of his subjects under IGCSE, all from the same exam centre.  There is an additional 'candidate fee' charged by the GCSE O Level.

      Best wishes in your journey of learning!

      On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 10:35 AM, krish2231 <krish2231@...> wrote:

      Hi Sharla

      I did go through Cambrige university website, and I understand that my 11 year
      old daughter can start preparing for Cambridge checkpoint tests as you
      suggested, the Cambridge university endorsed text books for this are HODDER
      education text books.

      Are HODDER education text books enough OR does she needs to use any other
      books? You said, she can use any other good books, can you please suggest some
      titles or should we use ICSE text books orCBSE text books? At the same time
      should I make her write ICSE exams or CBSE exams to gain confidence that she is
      on the right direction. How does one ensure that they the kids are making

      Which schools in Bangalore allow private students?

      Thanks for suggesting Nelson English books, I saw sample pages and I like them.
      Where can I buy Nelson English books in Bangalore?

      For math, I thought Singapore math books are good, do you suggest any other
      books? Where can I buy Singapore math books in Bangalore?

      Sorry for so many questions.

      Appreciate any help.



      Life is full if you open your eyes:
      Take joy where you find it.


      Life is full if you open your eyes:
      Take joy where you find it.
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