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RE: [alt-ed-india] How about a Home School Academy?

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  • Sangeetha J.Krishnan
    Hi SvaniThanks for the wonderful idea. It is indeed a really good idea..like you mentioned its the scarcity of HSers that makes thing a little bit more
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 1, 2010
      Hi Svani
      Thanks for the wonderful idea. It is indeed a really good idea..like you mentioned its the scarcity of HSers that makes thing a little bit more difficult here in India. But everything begins small! In the US, HSing has now kind of matured - so they see many benefits pouring out. Hopefully we too shall be there one day. 
      We moved from NJ to India( Pune)  permanently last Nov. We would love to meet you when you are here in April. 
      Do let us know when & where.

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      Subject: Re: [alt-ed-india] How about a Home School Academy?

      Hi Svani,
      Thanks a lot! That was really informative. Would love to meet you when you come down to India. I am from Coimbatore. Hope to meet you when you come to Tamilnadu. Best Wishes!
      Jai Hind!
      Cheers from Preetha
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      Subject: Re: [alt-ed-india] How about a Home School Academy?
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      Hi Preetha,
      Welcome to the group!
      If you check the archives, you would see that something like this was discussed a while ago. It is a great thought something that will be useful for generations to come. But quite a hard one to achieve without the mass support.
      I am in the US currently and what we have here is something called a homeschool association both statewide and countrywide. There are homeschool forums, elists, and IRL meetings along with yearly conferences, vendors for just homeschool communities. Homeschoolers are a huge population here. Infact, homeschoolers here also get the same discounts and such as the educational institutes by being a member of the Homeschool Buyers Coop(which is a non profit organization with homeschool members globally). There are homeschool supports from private and public schools here, but again, one can consider that limitation or advantage depending on the experience.
       I have always homeschooled independently putting the money from my pocket for my kids learning...as here many public charters do provide finances and books for the homeschooling members..but here education is free /...public schools operate from taxpayers money and homeschoolers argue that they might as well take what they can get since anyway their tax money is going into the public schools their kids are not enrolled in...I have found that to be quite interfering in my kids' educational paths when I enquired years ago, so never took upon that route. BUT the other facilities like the above with the associations and coops are a wodnerful assets in our homeschool journey. I think in Bangalore there is something like that being offered...as a supportive environment for homeschooling families...Genie kids..Atleast that is my understanding.
      You may want to wrap up the homeschooling families and have a meeting and then meet with the homeschoolers from other states. The problem, may be not, I see is the sparsely spread homeschooling families in India. They are all far and out and is not easy to meet regularly.
      On an entirely different note...I will be in India from Dec 13th onwards until Jan 13th. And again I will be visiting from April onwards for a very long stay. Would love to meet up some homeschoolers in Pune, Mumbai(will be near TIFR as my dd is meeting some mathematicians there), Kanpur(IIT, attendin g a conference), Chennai, (will be visiting multiple places in TN), and Bangalore(near IISC and the Electronic City).
      Anyways, just wanted to share some, and welcome you.
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