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De-textualising knowledge

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  • Jinankb
    Hi I hope you dont mind sharing with you the paper I presented at the Soul In Education conference at Pietermaritzburg South Africa in july 2004 titled
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      I hope you dont mind sharing with you the paper I presented at the Soul In
      Education conference at Pietermaritzburg South Africa in july 2004  titled
      "De-textualising knowledge-An enquiry in to man's alieniation from
      knowledge".I have been meaning to write to you my new insghts in to the
      issues related to knowledge and learning. My preoccuipation
      has been to do with authenticity and I find only with in the experiential
      frame work or paradigm there can be autheticity. I would say that there are
      three paradigms - Experiential / Textual / Virtual(digital)  which dictate
      the way we cognise life.The knowledge we create and our relatedness to the
      world are dictated by these paradigms . Natuarally for any crisis we respond
      with in this frame work.Naturally the spiritual crisis of modernity is
      responded intellectually.(Intellectuality is a result of textualisation of
      knowledge).The crisis is brought in by text and the response is also
      Text and computers which were  meant to be mere tools in
      service of our experiential living  became the framework of knowledge.
      Today most of us come to know of the world through text.offcource now the
      digital generation can access the world through the net-sanitised and
      miniaturised which just by one click of the mouse could change from amazon
      rainforest to saharan deserts with total detachment .
      With each paradigm shift there is a reorganisation as to what constitutes
      knowledge.Some experiential modes are dropped and new ones are added.For
      instance when knowledge got textualised the feelings and emotions were
      dropped.Intuition also got dropped in the process.The present crisis in the
      west regarding feelings and emotion could be a result of textualisation of
      their culture.The word intuition was out of use for many years and it came
      back few years ago when textual cultures started addressing its
      fragmentation , alienation and rootlessness .The over use of reason and
      logic and the neglect of intuition is due to textualisation of knowledge and
      by extention to the corresponding experiential mode it created.the textual
      experience is a linear and fragmented.Imagination is a word overused by
      textual cultures as text demands imagination.where as in experiential
      cultures the reality is always present.Even the spiritual state of being
      here and now also became impossible with the textual culture.Textual
      experience is never here and now. another word that got popularied is
      abstraction.Textual experience is an abstract experience.
      As far as Authenticity is concerned experience is authentic and original.it
      can not become second hand.
      text by very nature is second hand.
      I have been observing children (outside the school prisons) and I feel that
      whenever they are doing things there is an inbuilt logic /reason to thier
      descisions.I think logic and reasoning are bodily functions which gets
      developed if children are left alone. Body and experience go hand in hand
      and all theses
      /abstraction etc gets developed provided thay are left alone.There are roles
      for text etc but only after the development of experiential
      intelligence.This could be after the child has reached 7 or 10.(?)
      I hope some of you will respond to my thoughts.
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