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  • Clive Elwell
    Hello Everyone, I have mentioned this on-line curriculum (see below) before. I find it quite a novel and interesting approach. You might care to check out the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2004
      Hello Everyone,
      I have mentioned this on-line curriculum (see below) before. I find it quite a novel and interesting approach. You might care to check out the website at  www.Wholeschool.org
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      From: Bob Hager
      Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2004 11:03 AM
      Subject: Welcome to Wholeschool

      Dear Friends of Wholeschool.org,


      Congratulations and welcome to all of you around the world who have joined Wholeschool in our journey of exploration!  You should have received your Session One CD and we hope you are enjoying it.  We are sending you this email for three reasons:  (1) to welcome you to Wholelschool.org, (2) to let you know of a new way to send your comments through our website and finally (3) to tell you about our up-coming newsletter.


      Both you and the child sharing with you the Session One CD of Observing Me—A Journey in Self-Awareness  are now active members of Wholeschool.org and friends with Poto and his Yeti clan.  You are joyfully welcomed!  We are preparing a Members Portal on our website through which you can enter and learn more about these first two lessons, Monsters in the Closet- A look at Emotions and The Starship You-Your Amazing Body.  When you enroll in Session Two, you will be able to enter the pathway to additional information about these two new lessons, Castles in the Air-Dreams and Creativity and Hopscotch—Beliefs, Facts and Rules.


      We want to hear from both of you about Session One.  Go to our website, the Courses page and click on CD Evaluation (www.Wholeschool.org/evaluation.html).  Here you will find an evaluation form for an adult and one for a child.  These comments are anonymous and by participating, you can help us develop new lessons.


      We are preparing a newsletter to begin in April that will give you news from Wholeschool.org, interesting links to other websites and ideas for teaching and learning.  We have you on the list to receive this first newsletter.  You will be able to “unsubscribe” at any time in the future using a link at the bottom of each newsletter. 


      Thank you for your continued interest in Wholeschool.org,


      Bob Hager, President


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