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Re: [alt-ed-india] Re: renewable energy

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  • Nandan Shastri
    Dear friends, To add to Manju s list, solar refrigerators are also available in India.In Western India, Sardar Patel University is situated in Vallabh
    Message 1 of 63 , Jun 1, 2008

      Dear friends,

      To add to Manju's list, solar refrigerators are also available in India.In Western India, Sardar Patel University is situated in Vallabh Vidyanagar city.One of the recognized insitutes by the University is Sardar Patel Renewable Energy Research Institute.For more information, go to the site:www.spreri.org

      I've been working as the Curator of University Museum in this University since past 30 years.I always recommend the  visitors of our Museum to visit this Institute(SPRERI),too.I'm reproducing below some of the recent developments of this Institue:


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      Recent developments




      1. Roof integrated unglazed solar air heater in which the roof serves as  a flat plate collector

      2. Tunnel dryer with UV stabilized plastic sheet as cover and SPV power unit with DC fans to maintain air flow.

      3. Solar refrigerator with DC compressor, to store medicine, vaccines and other materials requiring low temperature storage.

      4. Thermophilic bio-conversion systems to produce fuel gas and compost from leafy crop residues at high solid content.

      5. Mesophilic bio-conversion systems to produce fuel gas and compost from dry and green crop residues at high solid content.

      6. Biphasic systems to convert vegetable market waste into fuel gas and compost.

      7. Modular design of throat type down draft biomass gasifier in the capacity range of 3,00,000 to 15,00,000 kCl/hr or 125 to 625 kW power at 70% replacement of diesel by producer gas in dual fuel mode of operation of diesel gen-set.

      8. Open core down draft biomass gasifiers in the capacity range fo 75,000 to 10,00,000 kCl/hr.

      9. Wet packed scrubbers and dry organic filters for producer gas quality improvement. 


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      Subject: [alt-ed-india] Re: news item on yahoo
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      Date: Sunday, 1 June, 2008, 1:26 PM


      Have you guys too converted to all-solar? Is it possible given the
      state of the technology?

      I was searching for solar devices but found only water-heaters,
      emergency lamps & solar cookers...Seemed to me if there was available
      some kind of solar-chargeable UPS /inverter it would be a really
      useful thing to have.

      If you have information about solar or other energy sources esp.
      devices which are in the market would you please share with us?

      WIsh people in India too would become "survivalists" if it got them
      to take these kind of steps ...except buying guns possibly :-) Wonder
      why there seems to be so less awareness here about this issue?

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    • k d
      Hi all, First post for me. Just jumping in as this post tugs at my own experiences as I journey through life.As human I must first purify myself through
      Message 63 of 63 , Mar 26, 2013
        Hi all,

        First post for me. Just jumping in as this post tugs at my own experiences as I journey through life.
        As human I must first purify myself through actions and deeds and in so doing my thoughts, speech and intentions become like the other wheels that push forth my personal journey towards that eternal. 
        The spirit self slowly filters through each of my consciousness domains from life to life. Each birth (if u believe in reincarnation) takes me from gross to a subtler self. The journey then is about that. Life's trials, tribulations and joys are each like lollies in a jar - attracting me to evolve one small step at a time. I fall, get up, give up, start again, more often than not repeat a class. 
        The award with each little success is only that life seems more beautiful not because one wants more but because one realizes that 'the paraphernalia that supports living in each era or generation is ever changing - never permanent - only tools of support, as are the circumstances, relationships, sorrow, loss, gain, success and joy. 
        My life as this person is supporting my journey. Without my so called 'life' I would have no vehicle to journey towards that ultimate goal to become one with the cosmic spirit or what ever else you wish to call it.   
        Destiny and destined are two different things - the latter ordained whilst the former awaiting to be shaped. That which is ordained begs for me to rise to its challenges through the 'person I already am', whilst that which is yet to be, sets me free to 'become who I can'.
        I have a long way to go - so I'll laugh a little, cry a little and complain a whole lot - but I know I am homeward bound.


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        From: S P Mathew <ashokhosp@...>
        Subject: Re: [alt-ed-india] Re: news item on yahoo
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        Hi Satish,
        It is a very good thing that you are doing what most people should be doing... actually even we have found that stopping cable TV and newspapers helped us to stay more in touch with the real world and to think logically.
        There is a wisdom which our fore fathers had, most of which is very valuable. Unfortunately commercial interests have almost destroyed this wisdom because there is no money to be made in it. The desire for profits and growth has crushed most of the traditional eco-friendly methods we used to have.
        The love of money is the root of all evil.
        Ofcourse there is one thing in the email which I dont agree with:
        Satish feels "That the only purpose of life is to know and experience the divinity and oneness within and see that divinity in everything in this universe. (as Ramana Maharshi says know that you are God and the whole universe is a manifestation of that same divinity.)
        God who made the universe, made man as a unique part of His creation, and gave man the responsibility to take care of the world. Man is a created being with a beginning, and is distinct from God.

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