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Fw: Announcement: Children Conference on Climate Change

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  • ramjee.n@gmail.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2007
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      > Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 4:32 PM
      > Subject: [Announces] Announcement: Children Conference on Climate Change
      >> Dear MEdIES members,
      >> Still in grief and greatly socked with the multitude of the recent forest
      >> fires in Greece, and their impact for thousands of people,
      >> we are sending you an announcement of the "CHILDREN CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE
      >> CHANGE" (CCCC).
      >> in Surabaya, prior to COP13 in Bali, on 26-30 November 2007.
      >> For information please visit: www.tunashijau.org and or send email to
      >> info@....
      >> With best regards,
      >> For the MEdIES Secretariat
      >> Vicky Malotidi
      >> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
      >> 26-30 November 2007.
      >> Topic "Kids and Young People Do Actions for a Better Earth. The
      >> children conference to be attended by young people age 10-14 years old
      >> from Surabaya, representative from all Indonesia and overseas. The
      >> organizer will be Tunas Hijau, and supported by Ministry of Foreign
      >> Affairs and the City of Surabaya.
      >> Participants of CCCC expected to bring their projects on environment to
      >> be exposed to all participants. The materials to be brought can be
      >> poster, paper, paintings. The CCCC will be designed in such way, so, it
      >> will be fun and interresting for children. The CCCC program includes
      >> workshop, seminar, discussion, field trip and exposition. There will be
      >> four categories to be exposed such as solid waste management (day-one),
      >> Forestry and Water Resources (day-two), Rivers and Ocean (day-three),
      >> Energyi and Lifestyle (day-four).
      >> Children from various countries are invited to this conference. It is
      >> expected that countries in Asia and Pacific will participate to the CCCC,
      >> as they may attend COP13 in Bali. Threrefore, those who have booked for
      >> COP13 in Bali may include their children to join CCCC in Surabaya as
      >> Surabaya is only about 30 minutes flight from Bali. After attending CCCC
      >> in Surabaya children and their parents can attend Bali COP13.
      >> Detailed information available at www.tunashijau.org and
      >> info@....
      >> Togar Arifin Silaban
      >> Environmental Protection Agency, Surabaya
      >> Announcement
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