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Re: [alt-ed-india] Introduction from Prashanth

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  • Clive Elwell
    Hello Prashanth And welcome to this group. I am concerned that you were searching for months and didn t come across this site. When I search for home
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2003
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      Hello Prashanth

      And welcome to this group.

      I am concerned that you were searching for months and didn't come across
      this site. When I search for "home schooling India" in Google it shows up as
      forth listed. It used to be first, in fact. I wonder why you couldn't find

      Good luck on your home schooling when you return to India, and I am sure if
      we all put some time and energy in we can create dynamic home educating (my
      preferred term) networks in India. I feel this group is a good base for
      that, I get a slow stream of enquiries, but it needs to be backed up with
      some advertising other than the net. As I no longer work in India, this is
      difficult for me to do.

      Warm regards


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      > Hello All,
      > It is after months of searching / surfing, I found a group interestd
      > in Home Schooling in India. My wife Shobana and I homeschool our kids
      > in Ann arbor MI. We are relocating to India in May 2003. We will be
      > settling in Tiruvannamalai about 3 hours from Chennai. As Mrs. Ahmed
      > mentioned, we believe in experience based education as well. We plan
      > on Homeschooling our kids in India. I know that it will not be as
      > amicable as in the US, but we surely want to try.
      > Please share any experiences, groups etc.
      > Thanks
      > KRGDS
      > Prashanth
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      questions, to learn together, to share, and to support those who are home
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